St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day

As March 17th draws closer, millions around the world will be buying gifts online to send to friends and family as they celebrate St Patricks Day. St Patrick is famous for getting rid of slippery creatures from Ireland which we know as snakes. Sadly slippery creatures are back and no it’s not more snakes but something more sinister. The slippery creatures I refer to are cyber criminals and they love this time of the year. Cyber criminals have certain times of the year when they literally make a killing and St Patricks Day is one of them.

As I had mentioned earlier millions around the will be buying gifts online to send to family and friends as they celebrate St Patricks Day, and that makes them prime targets. When shopping is done at the last minute, you are in a rush to get your gifts bought and shipped. You may not notice that the website you are buying from has been hacked, sells fake products, faulty products, non-existent products or automatically installs malware onto your computer. If any of the above has happened to you, then you will know what I am taking about.

Before you buy online check out reviews of where you are intending to buy from, and if you are buying somewhere like Amazon or eBay check out the ratings of the seller. Also if you are in the EU beware of buying from sellers who appear to be in an EU country but aren’t and you end up saddled with an unexpected customs bill. So be extra careful when you are shopping online and you will have a great St Patricks Day not a bad St Patricks Day.

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