New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

As we start a New Year we need to make sure that there is less chance of us getting affected by security threats and as we are planning our New Year’s Resolutions, here are mine which will help you achieve a more secure year.

Tec Dr’s New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Make sure that your computer has anti-virus software and that it is kept up to date.
  2. Be careful of what you download and make sure where you download from is 100% legit.
  3. If an email or website offer is too good to be true then it is so stay away.
  4. Never hand over payment details to a website that you don’t know is kosher.
  5. If a representative claiming to be from Microsoft calls you claiming there is a problem with your computer, talk to them. Don’t give away any personal details but keep talking to them for at least a few minutes before you mention that your computer is an Apple Mac.
  6. Make sure that your passwords are not easy to crack and reread my blog post on this if you need help.
  7. Always back up your data and it’s a good idea to purchase an external hard disk for this.
  8. Whenever Adobe release an update for any of their products install it right away.
  9. Keep an eye on any of your online cloud accounts such as Apple’s iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s One Drive and SkyDrive.
  10. Beware of scam emails and don’t click on any links they may have if you are not sure they are legit.
  11. If your bank sends you an email, check with them to make sure they sent it.
  12. If you get an email from a friend or relative claiming they need money as they were in an accident or got robbed, be very wary. Check first that the email is legit before you even contemplate sending any money.

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