Is it time for a modern Magna Carta?

I recently attended a conference “Towards a Magna Carta for data”, which dealt with the idea of a modern Magna Carta that deals with online human rights. This is very apt considering the amount of data and digital footprints we leave online. The Insight Ireland Centre for Data Analytics who are one of the largest data research institutes in Europe is behind the call for a modern Magna Carta. As we share a lot of data online, surely we should have more of a say on how this data is used and ensure that it is not misused.

If a modern Magna Carta is set up, it would reassure people who may be cautious when they go online. It would also guarantee users the right to remain anonymous if they so wished and that any data they give away would not be used to create a shadow profile (an accurate profile of you built using the minimal amount of data you post online).

As data is being seen as the new oil, new and cheaper way of gathering it is being used and sometimes you may not know that a contest you enter or a website you visit is designed to gather as much data from you as possible. A modern Magna Carta will ensure that you are aware of any data gathering that is taking place and it will also guarantee that you have the final say on how much data you are willing to hand over.

There will be of course people and corporations who will be against giving us a modern bill of rights that deals with the online age. They want things to stay as they are as it allows them easy access to data with very little regulation.
charlesclarkemagnacartaAny regulation will cost them time and money and also ensure you have say in how your data is used. For more information on what Insight have planned please visit here.

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