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Over the past 7 months Dell has brought its Solutions Tour around the world and earlier this week it hit Croke Park in Dublin Ireland. I attended it and I was very impressed with Dell’s approach to security issues. I used to think of Dell as a company that just builds and supplies computers to anyone who wants one but their solutions tour changed my perception of them. Security is seen as a major concern and Dell solutions are designed to help.

Dell mentioned common end-user security challenges that their Dell data protection and security tools can help protect you against. These security challenges listed below affect all businesses and can also be a nuisance to home users.

  • Some people use their name as their password.
  • 123456 and password are two of the most common passwords.
  • 91% of companies have experienced a cyber attack targeting end users.
  • 1 out 0f 10 laptops are stolen over the lifetime of the device.
  • 46% of lost laptops contain confidential data.
  • The average value of a lost laptop is $49,246.
  • People still download malware which emails itself to their contacts.
  • In just one month 280 million malicious programs, 134 million Web-borne infections and 24 million malicious URL’s are detected.
  • Spear – Phishing attacks have 98% success after only 14 emails.

According to Dell three important things are authentication, encryption and malware prevention.

Ensure only authorised users have access to your data. Dell data protection and security tools offer the broadest range of fully integrated advanced authentication options. FIPS 140-2 TPM compliant, hardware password manager for more secure credential protection.

Protect data no matter where end users take it. Deploy, enforce and audit compliance policies.
Protect data on any device, external media and the cloud.

Malware prevention
Dell data protection and protected workspace automatically detects and blocks all malicious behaviour including zero-day attacks. End users securely work as they always have using the tools they need without interruption.

Data is your most valuable asset which you don’t want compromised and companies like Dell are beginning to bring in their A Game to make sure it is protected. You are no longer seen as a client who buys a computer and maybe extended warranty. You are seen as a client for life and to ensure that happens your security becomes a major concern to them.

If you become a Dell client you can protect your data with Dell Data Protection (DDP) solutions which includes comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge malware prevention. Dell DDP solutions can be either hardware,software or both. So next time you are buying a new computer find out what security options are available as you and your data have just become a more valuable commodity.



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