Monetising Data

When it comes to your data online and offline are you happy for it to be shared and used or would you prefer if it was kept for your eyes only? If your data is monetised would you still be happy for it to be shared or would you still prefer if it was kept for your eyes only? The chances are that if you are not thinking for your eyes only at the first option you certainly will be if your data is monetised.

Dogbert Data1However, what if I were to tell you that you were to get a slice of the pie if your data is monetised, would you be more inclined to allow it to be shared and used? Would you also ask for a say on how and where it is used?

In the scenario’s that I described above you can quite easily see how your point of view will shift when money is involved and also if you get paid. But when it comes to deciding where and how your data is shared I am pretty sure most of you won’t mind as long as you get recompensed.

It’s funny how people can get riled up when it comes to their privacy online but the moment they get paid for a peek into their online lives, they suddenly change their tune. If you were quite happy to live a private online happy life then money or other incentives should not change that.

So if you were offered the chance to earn money from your online digital footprints and stored data would you take it?