Common Sense helps keep you secure

When you buy an Apple product such as an iPhone, iPad or Mac Computer you tend to get cocky because Apple products are known to be more secure and have less chances of getting a virus. You might also be cocky if you are using a computer that runs Linux or a computer that runs Windows and is protected by an anti-virus program as you assume the anti-virus program guarantees your computer is safe. So no matter what software and hardware you are using nothing is 100% secure.

A couple of years ago on my old laptop which was running Windows 7 and also anti-virus software, I managed to get one of the most dangerous viruses on it. The virus in question was the Garda Siochana virus and I was shocked when it popped up on my computer especially since I had good anti-virus software.
The first thing I did was shut down my laptop and then turn it back on expecting the worst. Thankfully my anti-virus software managed to delete it off my laptop which survived it unscathed.

I was lucky that my anti-virus software managed to delete the virus in the end but it made me become more cautious and I have revised my online surfing habits. If I can get my laptop breached then in theory anyone can so please don’t take anything for granted. No matter how secure your hardware and OS is, always be careful when you download apps or surf online. When updates are available for any hardware or software you are using, download them and install them as most updates are released to fix security issues.

If you have an Apple iOS device and you are planning to install enterprise apps on it make sure that you know the origin of the app and that it won’t become a security risk. Always have up to date anti-virus software installed on any computers running Windows. Be very careful when surfing online and if a website looks too good to be true then it probably is. If you are downloading eBooks, MP3’s or movies, only do some from websites that are 100% trustworthy. Sometimes you will find websites that are clones of well-known websites and they are designed this way on purpose so that they can trick you into downloading dodgy files or giving away your credit card, debit card or PayPal account details.

If you use common sense, you won’t be faced with the Wild West when you surf online and you can also ensure that your hardware and software remains secure.