Dear Diary

The Oxford dictionary defines a diary as “a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences”. It is also kept private as what is written in it is not normally meant for public consumption. So why have people started using their social media accounts as an online diary?

How often have you seen people post on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter their daily lives in detail? Who cares what they had for breakfast or lunch? Who cares were they shopped and what they bought?
By posting information like this online you are not only giving strangers and also friends an insight into your life, you are also sharing your innermost thoughts with the online world and also giving people a chance to use what you post to create a fake identity or to create financial havoc in your name by getting an online credit card in your name.

If you had a bad day at the office and you decide to spill your guts about it online, you could also find that your bad day has just become your worst nightmare. What you have posted online could go viral resulting in your boss firing you and possibly suing you especially if you portrayed your boss and where you work negatively.

In a diary people also write what they are feeling, including their views on people they know, well known brands and also famous people.
This can be done on a spur of the moment, and once it is online you can’t undo what you have posted. You can of course delete it but it will be too late as someone will have seen it and it can soon go viral.

Social media has lots of good uses but that should not include using it as an online diary. The more information you post about you, your family, your day to day actions and your innermost thought, the greater the chance you and your family become less safe and secure. Think before you post online and never ever use your social media accounts if you are under the influence of drink or drugs. Also it is worth wondering if Samuel Pepys was alive today would he be using social media?