The Last Great Addiction

There is one addiction that is never talked about but is seen every day all over the world. This addiction forces us to rely on it and tries to make us feel lost if we don’t get our daily fix.
Symptoms of this addiction include

• Readily handing over private information about ourselves
• Telling the outside world where we are and where we have been
• Publishing a diary that strangers and people we know can read
• Freely handing over financial details
• Introducing your family to the world

You should have guessed by now that the addiction I am talking about, the last great addiction is the addiction to technology.

Adicción a internetWe are prone to let technology control our lives and also our destiny. Ask yourself the following questions

• How often do you play with your phone each day?
• How often do you check your email and update your Facebook status each day?
computer love• How often do you open your heart to complete strangers online and tell them things you would not tell close friends and family?

Dog online•How often do you get the news from apps or the internet?
• How often do you spot what you think are a bargain online and then buy it without doing further research?

If you have done all or most of the above on a regular basis then you have the symptoms of technology addiction. Whilst technology does have its uses, such as MoJo (Mobile Journalisim) where you can tell the world what is happening where you are and also somewhere where you can read uncensored news. It can also be used to spread false and at times malicious information because we can be human and become too trusting and believe what we see and read online. Technology can be an outlet for propaganda, a tool to help steel identities or create new ones as well as somewhere where fraud and cybercrime can have the perfect marriage.

It goes without saying that you will never completely get rid of technology addiction but you can limit your addiction. So come on and start doing this today, you will have a much safer and securer life.