Season’s Greetings and Threats


According to Andy Williams “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and he is right the Christmas season is. It is also the time when we are most vulnerable to receiving unwelcome emails. During this time of the year our email inbox is going to be busier than it normally is.

Emails from friends, relatives, business colleagues as well as banks and any online service that we use start arriving and human nature can kick in. We probably only notice the email subject or who it is sent from and open it. The email can be from a friend or relative who emails you once in a blue moon, a business associate who is sending you season’s greetings or even your bank requesting that you change your online bank details.

As you are receiving more emails than usual, your first reaction is to read all your email as quickly as possible. Greetings cards sent via email are popular this time of the year and they can be sent via an attachment or a link which sends you to a website to view the card. If you get one of these emails don’t follow human nature and click the link that maybe enclosed. Take a few moments to google the link to make sure it is kosher as the last thing you want to do is download malware or a virus. If there is an attachment sent in the email, google it and also the subject of the email so that you make sure it’s genuine.

As a lot of online shopping is also done during this wonderful time of the year, cyber criminals make it their business to try and steal as much money as they can. They send emails pretending to be your bank or PayPal hoping to entice you into giving them access to your account. If you get any such email, do not click any links in the email. Log into your account the way you normally do and if your password needs to be changed you will be prompted to do so.

So to prove that Andy Williams was right take time reading each email you receive. A little more time spent making sure the email is genuine can leave you with only one major headache, your credit card bill as this is also the time of season’s greetings and threats.