The Web Summit

Next week one of the world’s major tech events the Web Summit takes place in Dublin, and I shall be attending. The Web Summit has been called “the best technology conference on the planet”. Last year’s Web Summit had 10,000 attendees and this year it is doubling to 20,000 attendees. All the major tech heavyweights will be there including Drew Houston the founder of Dropbox, John Collison President and the cofounder of Stripe, Eugene Kaspersky CEO & Co-Founder of Kaspersky Lab, Gavin Andresen Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation & Brendan Iribe CEO of Oculus VR.

Security is also a big part of the Web Summit and topics covered include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Web-Based Malware
  • Android and iOS Malware
  • Biometric and eID Technology
  • Data Protection and Compliance

One of my highlights of the Web Summit is the Cube an exclusive club, hosted by I_Am_You that will grant free access to a chosen few during the Web Summit. “Step into The Cube to participate in and experience a conversation about privacy from some of the leading thinkers in real life. Who is watching you online? Why? Do you mind? Should you care? What happens in The Cube stays in The Cube. The Cube is regulated by you. And us”.

I will of course be blogging each day and you can expect the latest developments in security along with some handy tips and how I got on at the Cube.